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Working at New Media Gateway

I thought I would say a bit about working at New Media Gateway, or NMG as we call it.

My role there is to help develop and maintain a high-end web application for Convention and Visitors Bureaus, CVBs. The app is called the CRM, which I think stands for Contact Resource Management, but in the context of the CVB, it’s oriented towards meetings, bookings, members, and other things CVBs are concerned about on a daily basis.

It’s a pretty good system, and it has improved a lot since I’ve been there. That’s not only because of me, actually I’ve only had a small part in that. It’s because we’ve had a really good team working on it for a while, and we’ve made changes in our operations that have made it easier to maintain a customized product.

Apparently I came in at a time when there had been a lot of flux, and now things have stabilized over the past year since I’ve been there. Turnover has been very low, and the team works well together - important ingredients for a successful, continually improving product.

We’re using PHP 4 on Apache with PostgreSql, and there’s a little bit of Javascript and Ajax going on in there too. We also have xml/xsl running our display portion. I’m comfortable with that, but some people would like to switch to Smarty templates if we ever get around to rewriting. Probably that would be using PHP 5 with Zend framework.

We’ve had some forays into Django for some subsystems, but those didn’t work out so well, and now the guy who was the main force behind them has gone. Now I’m working on replacing one of the Django-based components.

Well, that’s all I have time for right now. In the future I’ll write more about NMG and what I’m doing there.

Oh, but one more thing. One great thing about working there is that it’s only about 1100 meters from my front door.

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