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Created a Legalization Wiki at

I made a wiki for legalization at Even though Obama has stated he’s not in favor of it, the buzz on legalization has been growing out of control since his election. In March, California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano introduced a bill proposing the legalization of marijuana in his state. Since that introduction, legislators and newspapers in a number of other states have begun to call for legalization.

Though well intentioned, even the Ammiano bill is fraught with language influenced by Drug War hysteria. My intention in creating the legalization wiki is to try and head off bad legislation at the pass, so to speak, and to provide a resource for those involved in creating or critiquing legislation on legalization that will appear in the near future.

Since I first wrote this draft and forgot to post it, the legalizationwiki has gotten more filled out. A bill has been presented to the Massachusetts legislature, Senate Bill 1801 and House Bill 2929, written by Attorney Richard Evans. Massachusetts has an Initiative and Referendum process through which citizens can present their own legislation. It’s a well written bill, with only a couple of exceptions. I took that and made a model bill out of it. I hope citizens in one or more of the other states with Initiative will bring a bill like this before their legislature. In Texas we don’t have that yet, but we have a movement dedicated to bringing it.

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