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The Moose (’02 WRX) Gets A New Oxygen Sensor

I went to get my WRX inspected, but my Check Engine light was on, so Kwik Kar charged me $89 to find out that it was Upstream Oxygen Sensor. They said it would cost $450 to replace, so I bought one online for $150 and replaced it myself. Of course, this was at the end of the month, so for a few days I was an outlaw on the streets. It took me about 45 minutes to do, and I saved $300, so that’s $400/hour.

In the process, I made a photo tutorial with my new fz28. I’m so used to film, it’s amazing how easy digital cameras make things like this. With an 8 gig card, you can take as many pictures as you want. You can take photos inside of nooks and crannies you can’t even get your head into. Probably sounds funny to people who have only ever known digital.

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