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Dale Greer
Dallas, TX

Dale Greer is a senior software developer with extensive experience in e-commerce and web applications.


New Media Gateway - October 2007 - Present
Web Designer/Developer

  • Developer on New Media Gateway CRM product for convention and visitors bureaus. This software uses Linux/ Apache/ MySQL/ PHP, and AJAX. Here I am part of a small team of developers creating new modules, making enhancements, and debugging. We use Agile development techniques and rotate responsibilities among team members for designing, implementing and debugging.

Fortress Solutions - September 2004 - September 2007
Web Developer

  • Tech lead / primary developer on re-architecting and productizing in-house telecom repair factory automation software. This software uses Linux/ Apache/ MySQL/ PHP, now with AJAX for improved user experience. My role as tech lead and primary developer on a three man team is to develop the user experience and the internal architecture of the software, while ensuring that the database architecture is in line with the business logic of the factory process.
  • Maintain and enhance in-house factory automation software running on Linux/ Apache/ MySQL/ PHP. As part of a very small company, I took over completely development on the system after its originator left the company, adding many time-saving enhancements and improving the user interface to make it more intuitive and more responsive for users.
  • Develop logo and web presence including organic SEO for
    Fortress Solutions at

DMGreer, LLC- June 2002 - Present (Personal Project)
Software Developer

  • Design and develop website at using LAMP technology
    for to automate the display of numerous ski related graphics.
  • Using organic SEO and grass roots publicity campaign, placed
    at or near the top for many relevant search terms.
  • Design and publish t-shirts and prints of 3dSkiMaps graphics through
    3rd party providers such as CafePress and GoodStorm.
  • Design and develop application for trail maps with graphical display of
    steepness, using Java, USGS elevation data, and various imaging and
    analysis technologies - Developed a Java application
    to create a VRML file from the USGS data.

Wujido Martial Arts - July 2003 - August 2004
Web Developer

  • Develop web presence for martial arts school at,
    utilizing Dreamweaver, PHP, MySql, MS Access, Visual Basic.
  • Develop web superstore selling over 2000 products using osCommerce, a
    PHP/MySql-based, Open Software Foundation solution.

Luxefon - Feburary 2003 - August 2004 (Personal Project)
Web Developer / 3D CGI Artist

  • Design and develop web site for product using JavaScript, Dreamweaver,
    PHP, Flash, MySql -
  • Design and develop graphics for product using POV-Ray, Photoshop.
  • Design and develop luxury telephones using Rhino3d.

Telecom Research Group - April 2002 - June 2002
Software Developer

  • Design and develop situation display Java Applet, and parts of the main
    Java application, which is client/server software for a flight plan alert
    system using Java with Oracle database.

    This project acquires aircraft flight plan and real-time flight path data
    for all passenger aircraft from the FAA flight data server. The data are
    stored in an Oracle database. A Java application continually analyzes the
    data for discrepancies between the plan and the path. Alerts are sent when
    a significant discrepancy is detected. The data and results can be accesed
    via a situation display Java Applet, which communicates via Java Servlets
    with the main Java application. The situation display shows aircraft flight
    paths, colored coded by deviation from plan.

    My part in this project involved development of Java Servlets for retrieving
    the data, and the situation display Java application.

Ericsson Inc. - December 1999 - March 2002
Technology Services Consultant, Ericsson Mobile Internet Applications

This position provides deep technical expertise and direction in development (designing, coding, debugging), implementation, testing and documentation of leading edge Mobile*Net (Wireless Internet/Internet/Extranet/Intranet) applications, serving at times as a systems integrator between web servers, gateways, desktops and mobile devices. Duties include:

  • Design and develop mobile internet layer of Ericssons messaging application, iPulse, using Java servlets, XML and XSL with Apache server on both Linux and Windows NT. This development involved the wireless component of the iPulse messaging application for AT&T Wireless.

    I was part of a three member team of developers responsible for the design and implementation of the entire wireless interface to iPulse, which consisted of a main Java Servlet which communicated with the main iPulse server using an XML protocol over HTTP, and then did an XSLT transform to produce pages for various types of wireless devices. Although development was accomplished under Windows 2000, the actual field implementation was on a Linux machine. The platform used an Apache web server with JRun to run the Java Servlets.

    Our team was responsible for vetting the final Human Interface, and worked with colleagues working on the iPulse back end in Sweden and Iceland to hammer out the details of implementation. I was responsible for running many of these design meetings to ensure that the team discussions kept on task and the time overseas was spent efficiently.

    I also was responsible for the Java Servlet for implementing Push, a feature of wireless mobile phones where information is pushed to the phone, enabling users to participate in real time chat sessions. During the final half-year of the project, my responsibilities grew to team lead and system adminstrator for our Linux machines.

  • Act as sales consultant for iPulse to AT&T Wireless. When the iPulse project was being sold to AT&T Wireless Services, I was brought in as a technical sales consultant, to explain to AWS how the project would proceed, and to project a sense of confidence that it could be completed within a reasonable time frame.
  • Analyze, design, architect and research into wireless internet and networking protocols and technologies such as WAP, WML, SMS, etc. This done in my capacity as an Ericsson Mobile Services consultant.
  • Design demo applications for proof of concepts using Java Servlets, WML, WAP and HDML. As part of the Ericsson Mobile Services team, I was required to develop sample applications to demonstrate the uses of mobile web services. These samples were developed using Java Servlets.
  • Develop HDML interface to Ericssons iPulse messaging technology in C++. In the beginning, the demo wireless interface for iPulse was developed in Sweden for use with WML. In the US, HDML was the preferred markup language. I was sent to Sweden to develop the HDML interface for iPulse for the US market. I initially worked on a Perl version of this code used for WML to work with the US HDML phones, and then was tasked to convert a C++ version of it as well.

Alcatel USA Inc. - March 1996 - December 1999
Software Developer, Alcatel Core Systems

  • Design and develop client/server software for configurators of large scale telecom switching systems, in C++ and Java on Macintosh and Windows. This was a monolithic application written in C++ which contained all the business logic for configuring switching systems. This had been ported to the Macintosh, but was not working when I took over.

    Soon after I got the software working on the Macintosh, we began to develop a data-driven, three-tier design. The middle-tier was a small go-between, written in C++, to enable the client to talk securely to the back-end, which was an Oracle database. I wrote the middle-tier to run on a Unix machine, and also wrote the Macintosh client application.

    When the Macintosh was dropped, we decided to rewrite the application in Java. I replaced the middle-tier with a Java Servlet, and we began writing the client-side in HTML.

Sharkbyte Software Inc. - December 1995 - March 1996
Freelance Software Developer

  • Design and implement algorithms for graphical transitions in C++ on Macintosh using CodeWarrior. For this, I wrote complex mathematical algorithms, which were used both on the Macintosh and Windows, for a plug-in for Macromedia Director, which was used to create interesting transitions between scenes.

Kodak Medical Imaging Inc. September 1994 - December 1995
Software Engineer

  • Maintenance and improvement of medical imaging software in C++ on Macintosh using CodeWarrior. I tracked down and fixed bugs in Kodaks FDA regulated medical imaging software. I also optimized algorithms to achieve as much as ten times improvement in processing speed.

Alcatel Inc. - August 1993 - August 1994
Software Developer, Alcatel Core Systems

  • Design and develop client/server software for configurators of large scale
    telecom switching systems, in C++ on Macintosh using CodeWarrior. This was
    a monolithic application written in C++ which contained all the business
    logic for configuring switching systems. I developed new modules for the
    application when new systems were to be included into the software.

U. T. Dallas Center for Space Sciences - May 1981 - June1993
Software Developer

  • Worked closely with researchers to develop software for analysis and display of space science data. As the sole software developer on a small research team, I developed software tools and systems for use by researchers. This was a modular system of software tools I designed and implemented to make it easy for researchers to analyze and graph scientific data. Originally written in Fortran, I ported the system to C++.

Summary of Experience

  • Web Application Design and Development
  • Client/Server Architecture design and development
  • Software development in Wireless Internet

PHP: 6 years; current
HTML: 12 years; current
DHTML/Javascript: 4 years; current
Ajax: 4 years; current
MySql: 6 years; current
XML/XSL: 4 years; recent
Photoshop: 11 years; current
Illustrator: 6 years; current
Linux Admin: 5 years; current
Servlets: 5 years; recent
Java: 5 years; recent
C++: 10 years; recent
Flash: 2 years; recent
HDML: 2 years;
WML: 2 years;
PERL: 1 year;
Oracle PL/SQL: 1 year;
J2EE: 1 year;