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Wake 2009-01-27

These are photos from my Grandmother Christine's wake.

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Comanche Peak Field Trip

Field trip with UNT physics students to Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant

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White Rock Fish Hatchery Nature Trail

Short hike along the trail behind the dam at White Rock Lake in Dallas

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The Moose ('02 WRX) Gets A New Oxygen Sensor

I went to get my WRX inspected, but my Check Engine light was on, so they charged me $89 to find out that it was Upstream Oxygen Sensor. They said it would cost $450 to replace, so I bought one online for $150 and replaced it myself. Of course, this was at the end of the month, so for a few days I was an outlaw on the streets. It took me about 45 minutes to do, and I saved $300, so that's $400/hour.

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Santa Barbara Butterflies

These photos were taken at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. My daughter needed some photos of butterflies for a research project. The research photos are the ones where it's sometimes difficult to find the butterfly, but I got some closeups too. The last few are some right/left photos for a different project.

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Visit to Armadillo Aerospace, 2009-11-21

Visited Armadillo Aerospace in Caddo Mills, Texas, with UNT Society of Physics Students.

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