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3dSkiMaps on Google Earth Plugin

New content delivery platform for 3dSkiMaps

I now have a Google Earth Plugin-based web application for 3dSkiMaps. This uses a php class I developed for Google Earth’s SuperOverlay method to deliver large photo overlays as sets of tiles with level of detail depending on altitude.

Obama Redneck

Supporting the Rednecks for Obama Movement
Rednecks for Obama

This is my latest crazy scheme. I saw about this on the news and noticed they don’t have any good artwork going for them, and decided to fill that void. I figure the Stars and Bars in the Obama “O” logo should be controversial enough to generate some interest.


Three dimensional, with color mapped steepness.

A 3dSkiMap shows a hyper-reality view of a ski area, with ski trails color mapped on an absolute steepness scale, so you can tell at a glance where it’s going to be too scary to ski, or too boring to ski, depending on your skill level. Find out more at

Analemmical Blade Sundial

Sundials designed using the analemma.
Analemical Blade Sundial

An impractical but beautiful sundial, this would best be executed on a grand scale as depicted here.


Communicate with elegance.
Luxefon Luxury Telephones

Luxefon Luxury Telephones are a new idea in residential telephone design from Dale M. Greer. Sensuous, opulent, beautiful, a Luxefon telephone is sculpture you can hold, jewelry for your home. These phones are first modeled by hand using a polymer clay. The surface is transferred to Rhino 3D, an excellently intuitive modeling tool unfortunately available only on Windows. From Rhino, the shapes are transferred to Visual Mill which makes tool paths and a tool command file. This file is sent to a CNC router to carve the body precisely to the intended shape.

Orbital Mechâ„¢

Flash Orbital Mechanics Demonstration
Orbital Mech

Several years ago, I developed and sold some software for the Mac called Orbital Mechâ„¢. Now it’s back in Flash.